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Getting a grip on statistics

We worked hard …

…and had fun!

Here we are, meeting on a Sunday afternoon, June 17th, to get ready to tackle a topic usually just Maths teachers are dealing with at school: Statistics.IB Biology requires students to use stats in their IAs (Internal Assessments), the lab reports they have to write about their Biology research project.

We are not by ourselves, though, we got help: Amogh (full name: Amogha Shanabhag) from the International School in Neustadt (Weinstraße) is here to teach us, Mrs Gralla-Bindewald, Mr Kruse and Mrs Braun, what Maths teachers cannot teach us: The application of statistics to Biology.

Sunday afternoon passes at Mrs Braun’s house and we miss part of the World Cup’s first German soccer game because we are so involved in our discussion about statistics. Monday we start at 7.30 am, this time at school, and work until the afternoon, until all of our heads are spinning.
Amogh did a terrific job. He is an expert in the field who has a profound knowledge of statistics AND has taught IB Biology since 2004. Finally, the stats we need are clear - at least a major chunk of it. If there are questions remaining, he offers further help later.

Thanks to Mrs Braun who organized the workshop and the school administration who supported it in many ways, we can now offer better help to our IB Biology students.