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"All good things come to an end" or: the last TPM in Bologna in June 2019

It just seems like yesterday that 16 teachers from five different schools in Estonia, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany met in autumn 2017 in Hanover to draw up the framework for our Erasmus+ project “4 Cs 4 the 21st Century – Curiosity, Cooperation, Communication, Creativity”. Now, from 2nd till 6th June, 2019 we met again in Bologna to evaluate our project and draft the final report together. This was, as the beginning of our project had already promised, again done with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment as had been shown throughout the whole project.

During our meetings at Instituto Comprensivo 9 quite some emphasis was laid on the evaluation of the Learning, teaching, training activities in the different countries as we all were keen on learning as much as possible from the successes but also problems during these.  The lessons learned from this evaluation will help is in our, hopefully granted, future project. As especially challenging was seen by all participants that the students from the different schools are of a wide range of ages and language proficiency. This sometimes led to frustration among the younger students as they could not contribute as much as they would have wanted to or among the older ones as they did not feel challenged enough. Therefore, a lot of planning emphasis will be put on this particular problem for the next project.

Although we mostly worked in groups to compile all the necessary information, collect all reports and pictures, check the finances and of course to start writing the report itself, we also took some time to watch a presentation by an Italian colleague showing us how a “flipped classroom” is managed and used to the benefits of the learners. Furthermore, we also explored, expertly led by one of our Italian colleagues, the beautiful and historical city of Bologna, were invited by another colleague to a lovely and intimate garden party and met in some splendid Italian restaurants in the evenings to get some taste of “la dolce vita”.

Overall, the whole team collaborated as well as throughout the whole project and now is waiting expectantly for the notification if we will be able to apply our newly gained knowledge in our next project. So, let us hope that there is indeed a new beginning in every end. 

Stefanie Lücking

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